Tuesday, August 16, 2011


You are about 65 to 70 but you have the body of a 35 year old. You had this summer dress on that was loose fitting but somehow still showed that your body was ripe and ready. I noticed your pictures on the wall of you younger, then older, and now that I see you in this moment I see the linkages of your beauty.

I touched you three times. I shook your hand on entering you home and the quite by accident (I swear) I touched the outside of your left thigh as I knelt beside you teaching you about your new laptop. Your thigh was firm and yielded against my touch and I was embarrassed and please to have been able to touch you.

Later, you bent over and your dress revealed your breasts. Yes, you are old and your body is worn by your age but I wanted to suckle and taste them. I wanted to pleasure you with my mouth and body. You bent over again and I had to look and see each breast held in place by the cups of your bra and I wished that I could share with you that though you were 20 years my senior in age you are a sexy woman and that I want you.

Later you slipped on your open toed heels in preparation for a dinner out and you legs are exquisite. No hose but my imagination filled with the sight of you lying on your bed naked except for a simple pair of black stockings beckoning me to you. Your deep blue eyes filling my soul and expressing the shared need to couple.

And then he came. A man of your age obviously in love with you.

I don't think he can give you what you need. But your inhibitions signalled by the Cross of Jesus on you vestibule speaks to your values and yet I think I know you know you are a sexual woman. Aged but wanting to feel the heat between your legs.

I want you Pat...

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